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FotoSmart Umbrellas

Create A Show-Stopper of A Promotional Campaign With A Total Print Covered Umbrella!

Are you looking for a vibrant, exciting promotional gift for you latest campaign? Look no further than a total print covered umbrella! The huge print area afforded by promotional umbrellas provides an exciting canvas for printing and a platform to really showcase a brand to its full potential. Apply print to the entirety of your brolley and watch your logo come alive with our vivid printing technology!

A total print covered umbrella is not only a brilliant show stopping, vibrant promotional gift, it is also a practical and long lasting option. Everyone needs a good umbrella and your customers will be forever grateful to a company that has provided them with sturdy and attractive brolley. The eye-catching nature of a total print umbrella will also draw attention from anyone who walks by, meaning maximum exposure for your brand message.