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Promotional Sewing Kits

Promotional Sewing Kits Make For Practical Low Cost Giveaways

Promotional sewing kits are a brilliant little marketing and sales tool. With several styles available, in a multitude of sizes, there will definitely be a perfect little functional and fun promotional giveaway here for your company. The most popular promotional sewing kits are of course the miniature kits that can be slipped into a pocket, handbag or purse and be on hand for those little emergencies, with these kits available to buy for less than a pound its hard to go wrong! Complete the kit with your company name or logo and you have a handy little promotional token that will really spread the word about your company.?

Most kits are complete with a selection of needles and thread; some even include small sewing scissors, a device to help thread the needle and even a mirror and safety pins. The fact that there are these many products in such a small, compact little kit makes for a great travel item. The kits can be found in hard or soft cases and are an excellent little giveaway for employees that travel a lot. A small token of appreciation for all their hard work whilst also getting your company name recognised further afield.