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Recycled Rulers

Measure Your Marketing Successes With Recycled Promotional Rulers

Make a statement about your protection of our environment, while at the same type developing a creative and useful promotional gift. Recycled promotional rulers are an outstanding way to do both. Customers, clients and your employees will value the gift, practical as it is and useful for a variety of daily tasks. The fact that this ruler is not only a high-quality measuring tool, but also a tribute to the preservation of our globe, makes it a great idea. You can be assured that by giving printed recycled rulers, you are giving an item that is using recycled plastic and contributing to a greener environment.

Because custom imprinted eco-friendly rulers are such a low cost gift, they are perfect for handing out at conferences or exhibitions at which you want to promote your brand. Promotional rulers can also accommodate more of a logo, messages, or company information than most promo items. Use this for situations in which you want to include a short message, phone numbers, or physical address.