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  • Product: Brite Mouse Mats

Live price deal
£ 1.02 each
Min. 2500 per order
For info or to order call 0844 8117 566 or email:

Product Information

These high quality hard wearing promotional mouse mats feature a non slip solid backing and a wipeable surface. These mouse mats are perfect for use with optical mice as well as traditional balled mice.

At ideasbynet we will design a dynamic and visually stunning promotional mouse mat simply send us your images and our designers will do the rest.

Quantity 12525050010002500
1 colour print£2.62£1.67£1.18£1.04£1.02
2 colour print£3.55£1.89£1.47£1.22£1.18
3 colour print£3.89£2.36£1.78£1.39£1.33
4 colour print£4.03£2.53£1.89£1.59£1.47

There is a screen setup cost of £26 per position/ imprint type.

Technical Specification
Product size: 240 x 190
Print area: 240 x 190
Product colours: white